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Title: Kingdom Hearts 2 [PS2] ~This Gives Away Alot.~
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Kingdom Hearts 2 Starts Off Where 1 Ended Pretty Much. Wanna Know About 1? Read The Other Thread On It Or Simply Google it. The Main Character Sora, And His Friends Donald And Goofy Are Locked Away In A Mansion Inside Of A Town Named Twilight Town. Sora`s Dark Side "Roxas" Is Haveing Weird Dreams About This Kid [Whos Rely Sora] And It Bothers Roxas. When Roxas Arrives At The Mansion After Doing Other Activities, He Encounters White Monsters Of A Sort And Suddenly The Legend "Keyblade" Appears In His Hand. He Attacks The Monsters And Defeats Them And Unlocks The Mansion Gate. He Then Falls Asleep And Not Found. When He Found The Portal It Released Sora And Friends  To Find Out That They Were In A Sleeping Chamber For A Few Years, There  Cloths Are Noticeably Small And Soras Voice Is Different Than Kingdom Hearts 1. They Wonder Where They Are And There Adventure Beings. Get The Game. Find Out More =]

Following The Kingdom Hearts 1 "Bio", Yes This Game Does Have Gameshark Codes, If You Have Any Type Of Gameshark Disc For Your PS2 *Gameshark Is No Longer Made. =[* Go To The Site And Add The Codes To Your Gameshark Using The Code Manager. Using The Level Code Seems To Be The Best XD